Member Institutions

Note: All joining institutions now receive a complimentary institutional membership in parent-organization Video Trust for the duration of their ALVT commitment. For more information on Video Trust membership benefits, visit

Founding Benefactor Institutions
American University
Duke University
Hofstra University
University of Delaware
University of North Texas
University of California, Berkeley
Middle Tennessee State University
University of North Carolina Wilmington
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Consortial Memberships
Virtual Library of Virginia
     George Mason University
     James Madison University
     Old Dominion University
     The University of Richmond
     Virginia State University

Council of State University Libraries of Florida 
     Florida State University
     University of Florida
     Florida International University

Big Ten Academic Alliance 
     Northwestern University
     University of Michigan
     Pennsylvania State University

Oberlin Group of Libraries 
     Wabash College
     Kalamazoo College
     Reed College
     Bates College
     Hope College
     Eckerd College
     Colby College

Founding Contributor
William Paterson University

Founding Member
University of Pennsylvania - 2019
Washington State University - 2019

University of Saint Thomas - 2019

Basic Member
Muhlenberg College - 2019
University of Texas at Austin - 2019
City College of San Francisco - 2019
Swarthmore College - 2020