SEPT. 2019 - MIAMI University Copyright Conference to Feature Sessions on ALVT, Sustainable Streaming

Two days in late September will bring to Miami University in Ohio a parade of fascinating information at the Miami University Copyright Conference 2019. Our former board chair and copyright junkie Sarah McCleskey (Hofstra) has partnered with another NMM board member, Erin Miller (UNT), to present a session on our project, the Academic Libraries Video Trust. Here's the description:

Leveraging Section 108 Rights: The Academic Libraries Video Trust
Presented by Erin DeWitt Miller and Sarah McCleskey

The presenters will provide an overview of Section 108(c) of the Copyright Act, which addresses preservation of audiovisual material in library collections, as well as the Academic Libraries Video Trust (ALVT). Section 108 gives libraries the right to make replacement copies of audiovisual material that is damaged, deteriorating, lost, stolen, or on an obsolete format as long as the material is not available to purchase. Founded by the National Media Market, the ALVT is a shared repository for audiovisual material digitized under rights granted via Section 108 and is a crucial tool for addressing issues of preservation and access.