Titles from University of North Texas

Title Seriessort descending Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Denton Jones and the UNT Libraries: a video orientation to the UNT Libraries CIS/UNT CIS/UNT 1000768033
Beau mariage, le Media Home Entertainment, Films du losange, Films du carrosse Media Home Entertainment 1000850207
Grand Central Modern Talking Picture Service Modern Talking Picture Service 1000714815
Ordinary people: a film on child abuse MTI Film & Video, UCIR, University of Pittsburgh, Parental Stress Center; Bureau of Children's Services, Pennsylvania Dept. of Health MTI Film & Video 1000700782
Universal precautions: AIDS and Hepatitis B prevention for long-term care Medcom, Gerontological Film and Video Collection (University of North Texas Media Library), Film and Video Collection on Aging Medcom 1000850177
Caring for disordered behavior in the nursing home Video Press, University of Maryland at Baltimore Video Press, University of Maryland at Baltimore 1000837858
Pro football training room: shoulder and knee injuries Johnson & Johnson, Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society Johnson & Johnson 1000761802
Andy Warhol presents Flesh Mystic Fire Video, Paramount Pictures Corporation Mystic Fire Video 1000837841
Holding ground: the rebirth of Dudley Street New Day Films 1000714808
Time of your life, the Cally Curtis Company Cally Curtis Company 1000850721
Alzheimer's disease Phil Donahue Films for the Humanities 1000851388
Who plays God? WETA-TV Films for the Humanities & Sciences 1000714878
1989 Stuttgart World Gymnastics Championships, Men's optionals Frank Endo Frank Endo 1000702363
Restraints: the last resort Medcom, inc., Trainex, Inc. Medcom, inc., Trainex, Inc. 1000850425
Europe 1992 DeVisuals DeVisuals 1000837816
Andy Warhol presents trash Paramount Pictures Corp. Paramount Pictures Corp. 1000850029
Managing behavior at home CommuniCorp, Inc., Southwest Cooperative Foundation, Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders CommuniCorp, Inc. 1000749382
Video and learning Aylmer Press, MCN Video, Worthwhile Films Aylmer Press 1000702387
Better view of you, a National Center for Vision & Aging, New York Association for the Blind, MediaMark, New York Lighthouse National Center for Vision & Aging 1000759577
One world, one economy Alvin Perlmutter International Monetary Fund 1000759575
Ad council: finding solutions Burson-Marsteller for the American Association of Advertising Agencies Modern Talking Picture Service 1000716940
Perspective of hope: scenes from the teaching nursing home, a University of Pennsylvania Fanlight Productions 1000726269, 1000714420, 1000715978, 1000715979
Weekend New Yorker Video, Lira Films, Films Copernic, Comacico New Yorker Video 1000850013
Borderline syndrome: a personality disorder of our time Filmakers Library, Inc., Olive Tree Productions, Inc. Filmakers Library, Inc. 1000700794
Rodgers and Hammerstein's state fair Twentieth Century-Fox, William Perlberg CBS, Fox Video 1000712500
Historia oficial, la Pacific Arts Video, Almi Pictures Pacific Arts Video 1000761842
Get real, get paid: work for a newspaper First Light Video Publishing, Greg Luft 1000714838
Freedom of speech: a journalists guide to the First Amendment American Bar Association, Commission on Public Understanding About the Law American Bar Association, Commission on Public Understanding About the Law 1000850112
Historical political commercials, 1952-1980 University of Rhode Island University of Rhode Island 1000786568
On television, the violence factor Films Inc., On Television Ltd., South Carolina Educational Television Network Films Inc. 1000850573
Assignment Africa: an inside story David Royle New Atlantic Productions 1000319249
Political advertising of the 80's London International Advertising Awards London International Advertising Awards 1000850091
In a lonely place Columbia Pictures Corporation Columbia TriStar Home Video 1000712488
Working with families in long-term care Video Services, Dept. of Physical Therapy, University of Maryland at Baltimore Video Services, Dept. of Physical Therapy, University of Maryland at Baltimore 1000850176
Little shop of horrors, the the Dodd Files, Filmgroup the Dodd Files 1000761797
How to take a multiple choice examination Brian Eckert Edex Associates 1000401944
Illuminated lives: a brief history of women's work in the Middle Ages International Film Bureau, National Film Board of Canada International Film Bureau 1000850117
Mildred, the first 90 years Terra Nova Films, Melinda Productions Terra Nova Films 1000759579
Sexual sensitivity in the workplace Video Visions Productions Video Visions Productions 1000850224
Preparing tomorrow's professoriate Center for Instructional Development and Research 1000754717
Culloden, the war game Facets Multimedia, British Film Institute, BBC Facets Multimedia 1000850072
Sound of sunshine, sound of rain FilmFair Communications, Hallinan Plus FilmFair Communications 1000700798
Parents and children Research Press Research Press 1000759563
Hammett Warner Home Video, Orion Pictures, Zoetrope Studios Warner Home Video 1000850194
Technology and the writing process Pyramid Media 1000714892
Swirling sea, the South Carolina Educational Television Network., Teleac/Holland, Paravision South Carolina Educational Television Network 1000754740
Don't cry for me Fanlight Productions Umbrella Films 1000714841
Fanny: a program on late onset diabetes for the minority peer educator program Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas A & M University System, Film and Video Collection on Aging, Gerontological Film and Video Collection (University of North Texas Media Library), Texas Agricultural Extension Service Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas A & M University System 1000837853
Invisible man, the the Dodd Files, Universal Pictures Corporation the Dodd Files 1000754694
A.C.T. for equal treatment Division of Media Services, Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, Northern Illinois University Northern Illinois University 1000851385