Titles from University of North Texas

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Communications rules for hard-of-hearing Galladet University Galladet University 1000759614
Companion program, a way to reach out, the University of Missouri-Kansas City Institute for Human Development, Gerontological Film and Video Collection (University of North Texas Media Library) University of Missouri-Kansas City Institute for Human Development 1000850002
Composites Manufacturing insights Society of Manufacturing Engineering Society of Manufacturing Engineering 1000702371
Comprehensive analysis of speed development: methods & program design Behlen Video Productions, National Strength & Conditioning Association Behlen Video Productions 1000702349
Conformity and independence 1000401884
Confused resident : strategies for quality care, the Medcom, Trainex, Inc. Medcom, Trainex, Inc. 1000850424
Congestive heart failure Video counseling library Milner-Fenwick 1000714861
Construction: building your future Arnold Pictures Associated General Contractors of America 1000316920
Controlling the confrontation: Arch Lustberg on effective communication techniques ALA Video 1000759584
Conversation with B.F. Skinner, a B.F. Skinner film series McGraw-Hill Films, CRM Productions CRM Films 1000749433
Copyright questions Great Plains National Instructional Television Library 1000714843, 1001521380
Cork from Portugal Portuguese Trade Commission Portuguese Trade Commission 1000712496, 1000712498
Cotton production: seed to shirt Agronomy video series, tape 545; CEV video field trip series CEV CEV 1000850212
Couples arguing View Film and Video Filmakers Library 1001829964
Creative partnership: the actor and the director, a Master classes in media arts First Light Video Pub., Australian Film, Television & Radio School First Light Video Pub. 1000764753
Creative storytelling techniques: mixing the media with Dr. Caroline Feller Bauer Mobile Video Productions PBS Video 1000851034
Crimes and misdemeanors Orion Pictures Corp. Orion Home Video 1000712486
Cul-de-sac the Dodd Files, Filmways Pictures the Dodd Files 1000761799
Culloden, the war game Facets Multimedia, British Film Institute, BBC Facets Multimedia 1000850072
Cults: saying no under pressure Inservice Video Network, National Association of Secondary School Principals Inservice Video Network 1000850046
Cycles Women Make Movies Women Make Movies 1000850138
D 1 east University of Maryland at Baltimore, Whiteford-Cohen University of Maryland at Baltimore 1000837863
Dancing man, Peg Leg Bates, the PBS Video, Hudson West Productions PBS Video 1000850104
Data parallel algorithims Faculty of Social Sciences distinguished lecture series, vol. 3.; Industry leaders in computer science and electrical engineering University Video Communications University Video Communications 1000759567
Day in the death of America, a Ambrose Video Pub, Home Box Office, Filmworks, Inc., HBO Project Knowledge Ambrose Video Pub, Home Box Office 1000756879
Dead man Miramax home entertainment Buena Vista pictures 1000714796
Dealing with Alzheimer's: a common sense approach to communication Ramsey Foundation Ramsey Foundation 1000850169
Decreasing inappropriate behaviors, overcorrection Effective behavioral programming., 7. Research Press, Macomb County Community College. Instructional Television., Macomb Intermediate School District. Research Press 1000759604
Decreasing inappropriate behaviors, punishment Effective behavioral programming., 5. Research Press, Macomb Intermediate School District, Macomb County Community College. Instructional Television. Research Press 1000759602
Decreasing inappropriate behaviors, reinforcement Effective behavioral programming., 4. Research Press, Macomb Intermediate School District, Macomb County Community College. Instructional Television Research Press 1000759600
Decreasing inappropriate behaviors, time-out Effective behavioral programming Research Press, Macomb County Community College. Instructional Television., Macomb Intermediate School District Research Press 1000759603
Demography Science show, the Cosciest, Inc. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1000714869
Denton Jones and the UNT Libraries: a video orientation to the UNT Libraries CIS/UNT CIS/UNT 1000768033
Derek Phillips classic collection, volume 1 Mass Media Ministries Mass Media Ministries 1000850048
Design for manufacture American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Office of Instructional Services, Colorado State University, National Technological University 1000714847
Desktop design 1: an introduction to basic electronic graphic processes Goldsholl Design and Film, Inc., Dynamic Graphics, Inc., Goldsholl Film Group Step-by-Step Video 1000700778
Desktop design: 3 : creative design with page-layout software Learn & earn Goldsholl Film Group, Step-by-Step Video Step-by-Step Video 1000700780
Detecting dementia: cognitive assessment by the home health care professional Age of exploration Terra Nova Films, Inc., Mirror Production, Barnes Hospital, Alzheimer's Association. St. Louis Chapter, Washington University Terra Nova Films, Inc. 1000850147
Developing alternatives to restraints Medcom, inc. Medcom, inc. 1000850423
Devil never sleeps = el diablo nunca duerme, the National Latino Communications Center Production Xochitl Films 1000712502, 1000712503
Déclin de l'empire américain, le Arcadès, Pyramide Vidéo Arcadès 1000850211
Diagnosis according to the DSM-IV Only Child Motion Pictures, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company Films for the Humanities & Sciences 1000712504, 1000712505, 1000712506
Diary of a lost girl Dodd Files Dodd Files 1000749390
Did I do that? Gallaudet University Gallaudet University 1000759596
Disabilities and motherhood Fanlight Productions Films for the Humanities and Sciences 1000714842
Disappearing forests, the South Carolina Educational Television Network, Teleac/Holland, Paravision South Carolina Educational Television Network 1000754742
Discovering reinforcers Effective behavioral programming Research Press, Macomb County Community College, Macomb Intermediate School District. Research Press 1000759597
Discussion with Dr. Carl Jung: introversion, extraversion and other contributions Notable contributors to the psychology of personality, film no. 25 Penn State Audio-Visual Services, KUHT Film Productions, University of Houston Penn State Audio-Visual Services 1000749406
Distance learning today, program 1, an introduction Learning Seed, John Bruner 1000714428
Distance learning today, program 2, methods & mediums MnSAT, John Bruner 1000714427