Titles from University of North Texas

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Feeling yes, feeling no: the adult film Altschul Group, National Film Board of Canada, Perennial Education, inc. Altschul Group 1000700772
Festino of Adriano Banchieri, the Early music television University of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma 1000702391
Fidelio Home Vision, RM Arts, Royal Opera House Home Vision 1000850706
Fight for us Pathe Communications Corp., Cannon Video Pathe Communications Corp. 1000754699
Film before film Signature series Kino on Video, Kino International Corporation Kino on Video 1000761838
Final choices The Retirement Research Foundation Video Collection Crest National Videotape & Film Laboratories, KCET, Community Television of Southern California Crest National Videotape & Film Laboratories 1000759564
Finding the way Terra Nova Films, Rediscovery Productions, Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. Terra Nova Films 1000850193
Finzan Library of African cinema California Newsreel, Kora Films, Centre national de production cinématographique du Mali California Newsreel 1000756922
First Americans: interdisciplinary windows on the peopling of North America, the University of North Texas annual regents lecture University of North Texas, Center for Instructional Services University of North Texas, Center for Instructional Services 1000749430
First degree murder trial KRMA Denver. GPN 1000850691, 1000850692
Five centuries of music in Venice, program 2, the world of Claudio Monteverdi Films for the Humanities & Sciences Films for the Humanities & Sciences 1001861042
Flag Women Make Movies Women Make Movies 1000850135
Flow, creativity and the evolving self Thinking Allowed Productions 1000714874
Folklore and legend Early Russian cinema, v. 2 Milestone Film & Video, British Film Institute, Gosfilʹmofond SSSR Milestone Film & Video 1000850413
Food and fat Learning Seed Learning Seed 1000850122
Footprint of the Buddha Long search Ambrose Video Pub., Time Life Television, BBC Colour, R.M. Productions Ambrose Video Pub. 1000786566
For the first time Cinema Guild, Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica Cinema Guild 1000850053
For the investors protection National Futures Association Modern Talking Picture Service 1000712510, 1000712511
Forbidden city U.S.A. PBS Video, Deep Focus Productions PBS Video 1000850105
Fraggle rock Muppet video EMI, HBO Video Henson Associates, Inc. 1000712499
Fraggle rock Muppet video Thorn EMI, HBO Video Henson Associates 1000712499
Frankenstein the Dodd Files, Universal Pictures Corporation the Dodd Files 1000754691
Freaks the Dodd Files the Dodd Files 1000749391
Freedom of speech: a journalists guide to the First Amendment American Bar Association, Commission on Public Understanding About the Law American Bar Association, Commission on Public Understanding About the Law 1000850112
From information to wisdom? Smithsonian World Smithsonian Institution PBS Video 1000850010
From my grandmother's grandmother unto me Cinema Guild, John David Allen 1000714422
Front office Ten minute trainer Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Motel Association, E.I. Video Productions E.I. Video Productions 1000837812
Future funds Corporate Productions Inc, Richard Ridgeway Investment Company Institute 1000714814
Gagaku: the court music of Japan Early music television University of Oklahoma 1000700797
Gender and communication Learning Seed, Louise Welsh 1000714831, 1000715890, 1001522169
Generation of phase diagrams from free energy curves Jairus C. Warner, Penn State Media Sales 1000714691
Geometry of parallel lines, geometric figures, the parallelogram, and circles, the VTS integrated math series Video Tutorial Services, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Video Tutorial Services 1000702362
Get real, get paid: work for a newspaper First Light Video Publishing, Greg Luft 1000714838
Giving tree, the Churchill Films, Stephen Bosustow Productions Churchill Films 1000754709
Giving us the tools Industry-Labor Council, National Center for Disability Services Industry-Labor Council, National Center for Disability Services 1000786611
Glaciers; waves, beaches and coasts Earth revealed Annenberg, CPB Collection Annenberg, CPB Collection 1000850467
Glenn's perspective on Grace University of Maryland at Baltimore, Whiteford-Cohen University of Maryland at Baltimore 1000837859
Global market, a South Carolina Educational Television Network, Teleac/Holland, Paravision South Carolina Educational Television Network 1000754738
Golddiggers of 1933 Warner Bros. Pictures UA Home Video, MGM 1000712485
Golddiggers of 1933 Warner Bros. Pictures UA Home Video, MGM 1000712485
Golden Gate Bridge Modern marvels Jaffe Productions, New Video Group 1000714032
Golf Sports instructional series.; NCAA sports instruction video. Karol Media, National Collegiate Athletic Association Karol Media 1000698272, 1000689679, 1000689680, 1000689683
Good news for bad backs Films for the Humanities & Sciences 1000714803
Gossip from the forest Wombat Film & Video, Granada Television International Wombat Film & Video 1000787760
Government relations Adtalk American Association of Advertising Agencies Manhattan Cable Television 1000005178
Graduated guidance and backward chaining Effective behavioral programming Research Press, Macomb County Community College. Instructional Television., Macomb Intermediate School District Research Press 1000759599
Grand Central Modern Talking Picture Service Modern Talking Picture Service 1000714815
Grand Coulee Dam Modern marvels A&E Home Video, Jaffe Productions 1000714031
Grass: a nation's battle for life Milestone Film & Video, Paramount Pictures Corporation Milestone Film & Video 1000850129
Great dinosaur hunt, the QED Enterprises, National Academy of Sciences, WQED QED Enterprises 1000756882